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Fast Installation of Polyaspartic Coatings in Alpine, UT

Barefoot Concrete Coatings specializes in installing stunning and durable epoxy garage floors in Alpine, UT. 

Your Trusted Source for Polyaspartic Coating in Lehi, UT

Lehi’s dry climate can take a toll on concrete surfaces, leading to cracks and deterioration. Here at Barefoot Concrete Coatings, we offer the perfect solution: polyaspartic coatings. At Barefoot Concrete Coatings, we specialize in polyaspartic in Lehi, UT, delivering not just floors, but foundations for better living. Our commitment is to enhance your residential or commercial space with the highest quality polyaspartic floor coating in Lehi, UT. 

A TV room with blue and black adjacent walls and a polished concrete floors.

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Benefits of Our Polyaspartic Coatings

How It Works

Our polyaspartic coating process is efficient and minimizes disruption. We’ll begin with a thorough consultation to understand your needs and recommend the perfect solution. Our experienced technicians will then prepare the concrete surface and apply the polyaspartic coating. Most projects can be completed in a single day, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful new floors in no time. 

Why Choose Barefoot Concrete Coatings in Lehi, UT?

At Barefoot Concrete Coatings, we are committed to providing our Lehi customers with the highest quality polyaspartic coatings and exceptional customer service. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We use only the best materials and follow strict application procedures to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful finish for your floors. 

A brown warehouse with a full coated and polished concrete tiles.

Beyond the Garage: Polyaspartic for All Your Lehi Needs

While polyaspartic coatings excel in garages, their benefits extend far beyond. Basements: Transform your damp, unfinished basement into a functional and inviting space with a polyaspartic coating. Our coatings resist moisture and create a bright, clean aesthetic, perfect for playrooms, home gyms, or additional living areas. Showrooms & Retail Spaces: Make a lasting impression on your customers with a high-end, easy-to-maintain floor. Polyaspartic coatings are ideal for showrooms, retail stores, and other commercial spaces, offering a seamless, professional look that can handle heavy foot traffic. Warehouses & Industrial Facilities: Ensure a safe and efficient work environment with our durable polyaspartic coatings. These coatings resist chemicals, abrasives, and heavy machinery, making them perfect for warehouses, factories, and 


What Our Clients Say About Our Workmanship

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyaspartic is a high-performance coating that offers superior durability and faster cure times compared to traditional epoxy coatings. 

Yes, our polyaspartic coatings are low-VOC and safe for residential applications. 

Polyaspartic coatings can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. 

In most cases, yes. We will assess your concrete surface during the consultation to determine if preparation is necessary. 

he cost of your project will depend on the size and complexity of the area being coated. Contact us for a free quote. 

About Lehi, UT

Lehi is a city located on the northern shore of Utah Lake. It is an agricultural center (alfalfa, sugar beets) and a suburb of Salt Lake City. Lehi was previously called Evansville and then Dry Creek. Upon its incorporation, the city was renamed Lehi, after a patriarch in the Book of Mormon.

Between 2020 and 2021 the population of Lehi, UT grew from 66,980 to 73,911, a 10.3% increase, and its median household income grew from $101,429 to $108,669. The largest industries in Lehi, UT, are Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, Retail Trade, and Educational Services. 

Things To Do In Lehi, UT

The Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

Invest in Your Lehi Property with Barefoot Concrete Coatings

Don’t settle for dull, deteriorating concrete floors. Polyaspartic coatings from Barefoot Concrete Coatings offer the perfect solution for Lehi homeowners and businesses. With their exceptional durability, beautiful aesthetics, and ease of maintenance, polyaspartic coatings are an investment that will add value and enjoyment to your property for years to come.

Contact Barefoot Concrete Coatings today for a free consultation and quote. Let us transform your Lehi floors with the beauty and performance of polyaspartic coatings! 

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