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Barefoot Concrete Coatings provides exceptional concrete coating options for residential and commercial properties in South Jordan, UT, and the neighboring cities. We provide not only polyaspartic floor coatings but also epoxy coatings. From patio and sidewalk coatings to basement and garage floor coatings, our team does it all! We guarantee you and your feet will love our floor coatings options!

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Types of services 
Concrete Coatings

Concrete can become damaged and dull over time. This usually occurs from general wear and tear and the outdoor elements. Luckily, there are ways to restore your concrete and make it stronger than before. Barefoot Concrete Coatings delivers a wide range of coating options for the South Jordan, UT area. We install the following concrete coating options for your home or business:

Polyaspartic and Epoxy Coatings

Non-Slip Flooring

Concrete Repairs

Stained and Polished Concrete

100% Flake Floors

Dust-Free Installations

Exceptional Warranty Options

As you can see, our team provides many great services for the Sandy, UT area. If you are tired of dull or damaged concrete, give us a call today!

Why Should You Choose
our Basement & Garage Floor Coating?

Garages and basements are no longer used as storage! People are using garages and basements in creative ways that fit their needs. Man caves, playrooms, recording studios, auto repair, and even bedrooms are created in basements and garages. These areas generally have concrete flooring, which can look dull and drab. The team at Barefoot Concrete Coatings can fully transform your ugly concrete flooring. We can create stained or polished concrete and flake floors to add a pop of color to the area. Our concrete coatings are non-slip and have a waterproof membrane to ensure they are easy to clean and are safe for you and your family. If you are looking to upgrade your basement or garage, we have a concrete coating solution for you! Our concrete coatings have a warranty and are perfect for garages and areas that would hold smells or stains!

Polyaspartic coatings are not affected
by any of the following:

Diesel Fuel


UV Light

Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Oil, or Antifreeze


Pet Messes

Chlorine or Bromine

Hot Tires

As you can see, polyaspartic floor coating is perfect for garage use.

Floor Coatings for

Commercial and industrial concrete floors are prone to wear and tear, which can lead to extensive damages and unsightly stains. Luckily for Sandy, UT, and the neighboring areas, there is Barefoot Concrete Coatings. Our team provides a variety of concrete coating solutions for commercial and industrial properties. Our polyaspartic coatings are all food-grade and non-slip, making them perfect for a working environment. Our experienced team can also work around your large machines while coating your flooring. This allows you to keep your business running while upgrading your flooring. Our floor coatings are 99.9% dust-free installation and have fast drying times. If you want to add color and style to your floors, Barefoot Concrete Coatings is the perfect company for you!

Learn More Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings are relatively new in the world of concrete coatings, but it has many advantages over epoxy coatings. If you are considering updating your concrete flooring, polyaspartic may be the perfect concrete coating solution for your floors. Polyaspartic coatings are UV stable, which means it can be used on hot tubs, sidewalks, and patios, but it also does not hold odors and is non-porous. This alone makes polyaspartic coatings perfect for garages and basements. It is chemical resistant and exceptionally durable. With polyaspartic coatings, you can add flake to add a bit of color to your regular concrete flooring. Polyaspartic is the perfect flooring solution for all your concrete coating needs!

Other services we Provide
Commercial and Industrial

Barefoot Concrete Coatings provides complete concrete coating solutions to Sandy, South Jordan, and other neighboring areas of Utah. If you want to upgrade your dull or damaged concrete, polyaspartic or epoxy coatings are a must. We provide our concrete coatings for:


Basement Floor Coatings


Floor Coatings


Garage Floor Coatings


Patio Coatings


Sidewalk Coatings


Hot Tub Coatings


Commercial Floor Coatings

As you can see above, we provide floor coatings for all concrete flooring. We can stain, polish, and add flake colors to ensure your flooring matches your wants and needs. Our team is fully licensed and ready to turn your damaged concrete flooring into a beautiful and stylish area. 

Fully Customizable 
Fit Your Every Concrete Want & Need

Offering discounts for Military, Police, Fire & First Responders, call for details!

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