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Brian was born and raised in Escondido, California, and his wife was born and raised in Riverton, Utah. These two were set up on a blind date some 24 years ago, and today they are the owners of Barefoot Concrete Coatings. They have two sons and they have two dogs. The family enjoys camping, fishing, four wheeling, and scuba diving; they love to be in the outdoors. His wife graduated from BYU with a Masters in Accounting. Brian has spent his entire career, 28 years, in the Home Improvement realm. He has worked for some major companies in Utah, selling and installing Windows and Doors, Roofing, Flooring, Kitchen Design, and Foundation Repair. These are just some of the areas that Brian has specialized in. He has been a Sales Manager, Installation Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, and has learned all aspects of different businesses. Brian has always dreamed of owning his own business, and in 2019 that dream finally came true.

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Barefoot Concrete Coatings

Brian started his new company in January of 2019. Barefoot Concrete Coatings, named after Brian’s mom, who while growing up in Hawaii and California, never wore shoes. Even after she moved to Utah, it was hard to get her to wear shoes even in the winter. You may have seen his truck and trailer on the streets and in the neighborhoods of Utah. Brian has a customer-first attitude. He is all about the customer experience and happens to install exceptional concrete coatings. The team’s greatest satisfaction is watching a project come together and completing a new floor for someone often in one day!

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Barefoot Concrete Coatings offers a ONE DAY installation. They provide a 99% dust-free installation. You can move back into your garage within days after the installation is complete. Barefoot Concrete Coatings installs a unique flooring product for garage floors, often mistaken for epoxy; Polyaspartic is the next generation of concrete coatings. The product is designed to withstand industrial use. Barefoot Concrete Coatings is installing it in garages, basements, patios, cold storage rooms, commercial floors, campground bathrooms, and even living rooms and finished basements. They can also do commercial properties. If it is concrete, Brian can coat it. The product is UV stable, which means it can be in full sunlight. It holds up to Salt, Ice, Hot Tires, Fuel, Oil, and all the things that you might encounter in a garage. In a garage environment, Barefoot Concrete Coatings gives you a 20-year adhesion warranty! Barefoot Concrete Coatings also offers other finishes than just Polyaspartic coatings. We also do concrete polishing, which is another alternative to a coating, bringing out the natural concrete's beauty. Staining and epoxy coatings are also possible. Barefoot Concrete Coatings will provide you with a local personal touch, no matter the choice you choose!

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