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Improve the concrete surfaces on your property by investing in top-quality coatings from Barefoot Concrete Coatings. 

Enhance your space with our specialized coatings.

At Barefoot Concrete Coatings, we understand the frustration of dealing with worn-out, dull concrete surfaces that detract from the beauty of your space. Don’t settle for lackluster concrete when you can transform it into a stunning, durable surface. By choosing our professional coating services, you can avoid the hassle of costly repairs or complete replacement.

Trust us to provide the expertise and top-quality products needed to revitalize your concrete surfaces. With our experienced team, state-of-the-art techniques, and commitment to client satisfaction, we’ll guide you through the process and deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations. Say goodbye to uninspiring concrete and hello to a beautiful, long-lasting finish with Barefoot Concrete Coatings. 

What's Included in Our Services

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional results and exceeding your expectations. Here is what you can expect from our coating services: 

A white storage room with fully polished floors coated with polyaspartic coating.

1. Polyaspartic Coating

At Barefoot Concrete Coatings, we recognize the challenges that come with worn-out and unattractive concrete surfaces. That’s why we focus on offering exceptional concrete polyaspartic coatings in the vicinity of Utah. Our aim is to alleviate the frustrations associated with surface deterioration by providing high-quality solutions. By choosing our expert polyaspartic coating services, you can safeguard your concrete surfaces and guarantee their durability.
A garage room with a coated concrete floor. A motorcycle and a gray jeep is parked inside.

2. Garage Floor Coating

Our garage floor coating service includes a comprehensive process to transform your garage floor into a highly durable, visually appealing surface. We begin with meticulous surface preparation, ensuring proper adhesion and longevity. Next, we apply a high-quality coating that is resistant to stains, chemicals, and abrasions, protecting your garage floor from everyday wear and tear. With a range of color and finish options available, we can customize the coating to match your style and preference.
A fully coated and polished concrete floor of the hallway in the basement.

3. Basement Floor Coating

We start by preparing the surface, addressing any cracks or imperfections for a smooth base. Our team then applies a durable and moisture-resistant coating that not only protects against water damage but also adds a touch of elegance to your basement. You can choose from various finishes, including decorative patterns or solid colors, to create a personalized look that complements your basement’s overall design.
A gray house with a polished and coated concrete patio.

4. Patio & Sidewalk Coating

Transform your outdoor spaces with our patio & sidewalk coating service. Our skilled team will revitalize your patio and sidewalk surfaces to make them more durable, slip-resistant, and visually appealing. We start by preparing the surfaces, addressing any cracks or imperfections, and ensuring a solid foundation. We then apply a specialized coating that provides excellent resistance against weather elements, UV rays, and heavy foot traffic.
A brown warehouse with a full coated and polished concrete tiles.

5. Commercial & Industrial Floor Coating

We understand the demands of heavy machinery, foot traffic, chemicals, and other factors that can impact the longevity of your floors. Our expert team will prepare the surfaces, addressing any existing damage or unevenness. Whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing facility, showroom, or any other commercial or industrial space, our floor coatings provide long-lasting protection and enhance safety and aesthetics.

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