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Concrete Coating Solutions For Your Residence Or Business

A modern backyard with sliding glass doors, a concrete flooring, and a concrete fire pit area.

Concrete is a popular flooring option for both homes and businesses. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that concrete doesn’t have to be dull and grey! Barefoot Concrete Coatings is happy to offer a variety of concrete coating solutions to fit the needs of both businesses and homes! Some of the many concrete coating solutions are listed below!

Extended Life Of Flooring

Concrete coatings not only change the look and feel of your concrete flooring but also extends its life. Your concrete can become damaged and lose its luster over time. This can happen because of the sun or regular wear and tear. With our concrete coatings, your concrete is protected and will not lose its shine!

Color Choices

Concrete doesn’t have to be grey. We see a lot of people who hate their concrete flooring because of its color. Our concrete coating solutions offer a variety of coating colors with the addition of flake. We can match your flooring to the overall look of your home or business!

Non-Slip and Waterproof

Concrete coatings are non-slip and waterproof. This makes it the perfect addition to industrial and commercial properties. Our concrete coatings are perfect for restaurants, large buildings, and garages.

Doesn’t Hold Odors

Concrete is porous and can hold stains and odors. Concrete coatings create a barrier that doesn’t stain or hold any odors. Garages, industrial spaces, and pet care centers benefit from concrete coatings. It is easy to wipe away any messes with concrete coatings.

Beautiful Coating Options

Our concrete coatings aren’t like anything you have ever seen. We create beautiful coatings for your concrete surfaces. We will work with you to match your flooring to the color scheme of your business or home.
Our concrete coatings are perfect for outdoor concrete, home gyms, basketball courts, garages, and commercial and residential properties.

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