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Outdoor Concrete Coating Solutions for Your Property

Backyard with Gazebo

Concrete is used for walkways, patios, driveways, basketball courts, decks, and other areas. It is the perfect outdoor solution, but did you know that even concrete can become damaged and dull over time? While concrete is built to withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear, it can become damaged over time. Luckily, Barefoot Concrete Coatings has the perfect coating solution for your outdoor concrete. Our coatings will ensure your concrete looks great and lasts for years to come! Outdoor concrete areas are exposed to the Sun and UV rays. This can cause it to become damaged faster. In the past, outdoor concrete was just repaired over and over. You were left with a dull and mismatched concrete surface. Epoxy coatings were created and were used for years, but epoxy concrete coatings are not UV resistant. The coatings would change color and become damaged. With technology always comes newer and improved coatings. Polyaspartic concrete coatings are one of the best choices for both indoor and outdoor concrete coating needs.

Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic concrete coatings are a newer concrete coating technology. Polyaspartic concrete coatings are UV stable, meaning they will not become discolored or damaged by UV rays. This is a huge selling point for outdoor concrete areas. Polyaspartic coatings, with the help of flake, can be different colors to match your wants and needs. Polyaspartic is also resistant to hot tires, chemicals, oil, and even salt. It is easy to clean and can be non-slip, making it safe for outdoor areas. If you are looking for a concrete coating to fit your outdoor needs, look no further than Barefoot Concrete Coatings. We provide concrete coating options for interior and exterior concrete areas. From industrial to residential, we do it all. With our many coating and color solutions, why go anywhere else? We can guarantee you and your feet will love our concrete coating solutions!

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