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5 Reasons Concrete Coatings Are Necessary

A man using a trowel to coat the floor with yellow paint.

Concrete is one of the most widely used surfaces in both commercial and residential properties. It is no surprise that concrete is an ideal surface for construction, but what happens over time? Over time concrete can succumb to wear and tear. There are new ways to prevent concrete from becoming damaged. Barefoot Concrete Coatings provides special coatings for concrete that prolong the life of your concrete and add color and textures. Below, we will discuss five reasons why concrete coatings are necessary for healthy concrete surfaces.

UV Resistant Options

There are concrete coatings that are perfect for concrete surfaces that are in contact with the sun. The sun can damage your concrete and make it dull and lifeless. With concrete coatings, your concrete can withstand the harmful UV rays and stay strong for years to come.

Moisture and Waterproof

Concrete is actually porous and can soak up water. Over time this can cause your concrete to crack and need costly repairs. With concrete coatings, your concrete becomes waterproof, which is perfect for areas that may be exposed to water, spills, and other types of liquids.

Stain Resistant

Concrete coatings are easy to clean. They are not only stain-resistant but can be easily wiped off. This is great for garages and areas where spills or leaks may be frequent.


Concrete coatings come in an assortment of styles and textures. Your concrete doesn’t need to be boring. We can bring your concrete to life and create beautiful textures to fit your wants and needs.


As we mentioned above, concrete coatings are waterproof, but they are also slip-resistant. Concrete coatings can create a safe environment for you and your family.

As you can see, concrete coatings are a must for your concrete surfaces. They not only allow your concrete to last longer but also creates unique styles.

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